Corvette with Hammerhead wheels

About Us

Corvettes, since 1953, have been among the most unique and exhilarating vehicles on the road. They have captured the imagination and stirred the soul of generations of car enthusiasts. Us among them. We focus our energy, our expertise and our resources on manufacturing aftermarket wheels for Corvette sports cars — and only for Corvettes — because we can’t imagine anything more rewarding. We are energized by the challenge to endlessly increase strength, reduce weight, improve our wheel designs and engineering, streamline manufacturing, achieve unparalleled fit and finish and pin the quality meter.

Cray Corvette Falcon Wheels

To make aftermarket Corvette wheels that are a true upgrade over original equipment is the sort of test we thrive upon. We believe we've achieved that over and over again for our customers. Yes, our wheels are beautiful, but they are more than that. We recognize how much is riding on our wheels and that vehicle safety and performance are at stake. That's why we precisely engineer wheel offsets and load rating for each year and model Corvette we serve. It’s also why we have pioneered manufacturing technology like Flow Form Technology, a clear route to producing wheels that produce prodigious performance improvements. Because, after all, isn’t that what Corvettes are all about?


Performance and design. Letting you go further on your journey.

Cray Corvette Hammerhead wheel