C6 Corvette Wheels

The current iteration of the Corvette marquee is the C6, first introduced in 2005 and still going strong. The C6 was a complete departure from its predecessor and represents the pinnacle of Corvette refinement. Five inches shorter, but with a longer wheelbase and larger passenger compartment, the C6 was the first Corvette with exposed headlights since 1962. The initial C6 was given the LS2 6.0 L 400hp power plant, upgraded in 2008 to the LS3 6.2L 436 hp beast. Cray C6 Corvette wheels and rims designed to be spec-compliant with the Z06 give owners an avenue to customize their ride. C6 Corvette wheels by Cray.

Features for C6 Corvette Wheels

Accepts Corvette O.E. wheel lugs

The engineers of the Corvette C6 created a masterful sports car, and each part compliments that ideal even down to the OE wheel lugs. At Cray we designed our wheels for the C6 with the premise of enhancing the look of the vehicle, while having the ease of carrying over the C6 OE wheel lugs that came on your stock wheel style.

Perfect Corvette Wheel Offset

Each Cray wheel is meticulously designed to maximize the fitment in the wheel well. What does this mean for you; the wheel offset that is created is the measurement of the hub pad in relation to the centerline of the wheel; each wheel width is matched with the proper offset to maximize the space of the wheel to create an aggressive stance and look on your C6 Corvette.

Corvette Compatible Center Cap

With the discerning Corvette owner in mind, the corvette emblem is a staple, and at Cray we took the time to design wheels that will fit a factory C6 Corvette center cap.

Deep Lip for Corvette

C6 Corvette’s come stocked with a larger brake and a higher offset wheel. At Cray we sought to maximize the fitment and brake combination to make the deepest lip possible. Lip sizes range in the single piece models up to a 2.5”, and the two piece range from 3.0” up to an amazing 4.0” lip in the 20x12.5” ZO6 fitment.

Accepts Corvette O.E. Air Sensors

With the implementation of modern safety standards, TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors) are the new standard. All Cray C6 Corvette Wheels have been created with this in mind; each wheel will accept the factory OE TPMS air sensors.

Hub Centric for Corvette

All Cray Corvette C6 wheels are designed with the OE center bore size in mind. This creates a hub-centric fitment that does not require hub-rings. The major benefit is a smooth vibration free ride for your Corvette.