Engineered Exclusively To Fit the Corvette.
Cray Corvette Wheels

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Exclusive for Chevrolet Corvette

Performance wheels by Cray, engineered exclusively to fit Chevrolet Corvette vehicles

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Cray wheels are engineered precisely to fit your Corvette

  • Our wheels accept Corvette factory lugs

    Our wheels accept Corvette O.E. wheel lugs

  • Our wheels accept the Corvette TPMS

    Our wheels accept the Corvette TPMS

  • Our wheels provide the correct load rating for your Corvette

    Perfect Chevrolet Corvette offset

  • Our wheels are hub centric for a smooth ride

    Our wheels are hub centric for a smooth ride

Cray makes aftermarket Corvette Wheels for the following vehicles

Corvette C4 Wheels

Corvette C5 Wheels

Corvette C6 Wheels

Corvette C6 Z06 Wheels

Corvette C7 Wheels

Cray Custom Wheels - Built exclusively to fit Corvette

PERSONALIZATION. Cray Wheels designs and manufactures high performance custom wheels exclusively to fit Corvette vehicles. Cray Corvette Custom wheels - large diameters and very wide widths. Our wheels are made specifically to fit Corvettes and only Corvettes. Corvette owner’s are renown for their drive to personalize their vehicles, so that no two ‘Vettes, it seems, could possibly be identical. Indeed, Chevrolet fuels this pursuit with a stupefying number of options and dealer-installed accessories.
Cray Corvette Aftermarket Wheels feeds this desire with several distinctive variants of their beguiling Astoria, Eagle, Falcon Forged, Isurus Forged, Mako, Manta, Scorpion, Spider, and Venom Forged Corvette wheels; artistic statements that enable owners to achieve one-of-a-kind appearance
Cray wheels are designed specifically and exclusively to fit the Corvette and take their inspiration from the Corvette’s unique, sleek and aerodynamic pose. Both monoblock wheel options and deep lip wheel options are manufactured to offer the perfect complement to this iconic, purely American super car.

PERFORMANCE. As one moves up the performance curve, from the base Corvette Coupe and convertible to the 427, Z06 and top-of-the-line ZR1, increased performance can be achieved, in part, through the heroic efforts of Corvette engineers to reduce weight. Cray Corvette Wheels are in sync with this weight reduction manifesto. The result is high-performance wheels that are a perfect match for Corvette’s relentless obsession with shaving weight wherever possible.

PRECISION. Cray offers the world’s widest range of once-piece, staggered Corvette specific wheel applications. Cray Wheels are precision engineered in every detail. Cray engineers take into account the staggered fitment common to most Corvettes. A staggered fitment means that the rear wheels and tires are slightly wider than the front, providing better traction and a more aggressive stance for the Corvette rims . Additionally, Cray engineers factor in the related concepts of wheel offset and backspace. Wheel offset means the wheel centerline is offset away from the axle, providing a wider stance. Backspace measures how far the wheel intrudes into the wheel well towards the axle, and is important to ensure that there is no interference with suspension trailing arms or other mechanical systems.

Cray Wheels for Corvettes are designed to accept the original equipment wheel center logo cap, and accommodate factory tire pressure monitoring systems. All Cray Wheels are hub centric, which ensures that they fit precisely over the center flange of the brake rotor so that the wheel is concentric with the wheel bearings for a truer, better balanced wheel/tire assembly and a smoother ride.

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